Our Story

Every tea has a story. This is ours.

A homespun, family tea store striving to fill the world with a bit more joy. . . one sip at a time.

Hands down, the number one question I get when people find out we run a tea store is, “Was this your life-long dream?”  In a way, yes.  Although the journey to get here has been down a winding, often dark road, with no GPS.  I had stage 3 ovarian cancer at 34 and my whole world changed.

You want the long version?  Make yourself a spot of tea, pull up a chair and read on…

I was an art making, nutrition loving Nebraskan just doing my thing.  My husband and I made a great pair with our spare time traveling and doing the art festival circuit.  We were busy getting ready to be parents as our international adoption for two teens was in the final stages.  Then, the news came.

Surprise!  You have cancer.  Thus, our new lives began (being a caregiver is just as life changing and challenging as being a patient).  My weekly sojourn to UNMC in Omaha saw my mom, a fellow tea lover, desperate to stop into our favorite loose leaf tea store because she was out of English Breakfast.  I sat in the car, tired and sick after almost 18 weeks of chemo, and realized that this was it- a new dream.

My husband and I got to work brainstorming and boy that storm was a gully washer.  It took a long time to finally get a location, jump through burning hoops while juggling, and start a new business.  Our goal is to provide Lincoln with a store fully devoted to loose leaf tea and herbal infusions.  Not only a place to serve awesome tea, but a place for mutual flourishing between us and our customers, our friends.  We pledge to serve the best offerings out there at reasonable costs.

Fast forward to the present:  here we are alive, healthy and well.  The business truly is still a family affair.  Stop in and you will be welcomed by either my husband, parents, kids or myself.

The store pays tribute to English tearooms with a shabby chic twist.  All of the tables and chairs you see come to us second hand and spruced up with a little creativity and love.   So please, stop in and come visit.  It is our pleasure to welcome you to Green Leaf Tea!