Buddhist Tea (Fo Cha), organic


Our Buddhist Tea is a classic vegetal-tasting green made of early-spring leaves organically grown and harvested

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In the sixth and seventh centuries, tea drinking became increasingly popular with Buddhist monks as they recognized the green leaf as a means of clearing the mind and providing stimulation to allow for longer sessions of meditation.  The monks realized they gained some mental discipline along with noting the enjoyable aspects of drinking tea.  Cultivation followed and the monks set about to develop a cultivar rich in flavors and aroma.  In time, the monks crafted a rich in flavors and aroma.

The tea is grown on an island in the South China Sea and basket roasted for extra sweetness.

The leaves are a wonderful light green coloration mixed with white buds. The lot is grown organically and carefully crafted to form tight, consistently sized curls.  Centuries of cultivation have developed a leaf with a grassy-sweet aroma and fresh, vegetal flavors.  The tea is smooth with little hint of astringency.

medium caffeine level

Ingredients:  Organic green tea


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