Emerald Sun

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An interesting blend of green tea, orange and almond. The nuts provide a smoothness which balances the citrus tang. An aromatic combination of sweet and spice that lingers nicely on the palate.

Ingredients: Green tea, orange slices, almonds, flavoring, pink peppercorns and safflower

medium caffeine level

2 reviews for Emerald Sun

  1. Michael

    Nose: Candied oranges, sweet fruit, almond extract, freshly baked fruitcake
    Taste: Almond, light holiday spice, sweet fruit
    Finish: Almond and fruitcake

    Verdict? This is easily my favorite blend of the year. I could just be satisfied smelling this tea all day, but the taste gently guides you to the escape that even the holidays cannot provide. Fruitcake may have a bad rep, but this is delivered from cherubs, floating from the heavens accompanied by a choir of trumpets to announce that a cake of divine perfection has been baked just for you, and its essence imbued into a cup of tea.

  2. Meg

    I never liked green tea until Elizabeth at The Green Leaf Tea Company a) taught me how to brew it right (hot water just before it boils and steep about 5 minutes) and b) introduced me to THIS amazing flavor! It has everything you could want. I don’t know about the review above comparing it to fruit cake as I’ve never been brave enough to try that delicacy, but I CAN tell you that the citrus is bright and sweet, the almonds are cozy and comforting (like a sugar cookie with classic almond icing is what I get) and the pink peppercorns give it the slightest spice but if you didn’t see them you wouldn’t even know they’re there (so if you dislike pepper don’t let this put you off – as far as I can tell they’re mostly decorative).
    I absolutely LOVE this tea and if you want it prepared to perfection, go into the store and ask for a cup. You won’t be sorry!

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