Terms and Conditions

Loose teas: All loose leaf teas are nonrefundable once shipped to you

Items: Accessory items such as teapots and cup have a 14 day return policy plus a 10% restocking fee

High teas: Our high teas operate as an event and not as a restaurant, therefore we follow a strict cancellation policy upon booking a reservation. 

Per ticket:

– Cancellations between 4 and 0 days prior to the event will receive no refunds 

– Cancellations between 14 and 5 days prior to the event will incur a 50% cancellation fee 

– Cancellations between reservation and 15 days prior to the event will incur a 3% cancellation fee

All high teas are given attention as an individual event and preparation is made prior to tea time. This cancellation policy compensates for loss of assumed income as well as potential income on a specified date and also for costs incurred such as items that we order specifically for your event, food production, order preparation as well as labor and administrative costs.  If you can no longer attend, we are happy to package up your food for you on the day of the event.  Conversely, you can give your tickets to friends or family and tell the shop of the change.  In the event of inclement weather, if the shop determines that we need to cancel an event, you will be able to move your reservation to another day.  

It is your responsibility to disclose any food allergies for your party.  While we make every effort to do so, we can not accommodate all food allergies and guest discretion is advisable.  We do work with the following foods in our kitchen: milk, wheat, soybean, fish, tree nuts, eggs, and egg products.